Understanding the customer you wish to target is critical and the customer in your target market may be very different from customers in your home market. Socio-economic mix, consumption patterns and buying patterns can all differ significantly.

  • NEW-CO can support you with detailed studies of your new market, offer solutions and suggest areas in which you may need to make adjustments.

Before entering a new country, you need to understand who your competitors will be. Is the market highly competitive? Are there strong players? Are they established?

  • There are so many questions that need to be answered. NEW-CO will help you to address them.

The approach to setting up will vary depending on the country you are entering. Some countries have special distribution networks in place for some products. These networks can differ subtly between countries and create unwanted surprises if they are not taken into account.

  • NEW-CO helps you to plan your approach to ensure that you set up in a way that will maximise your future business potential.

Positioning prices appropriately is fundamental to success in a new country. Detailed and accurate research of your target market, its competition and your target customers is a prerequisite for success.

  • NEW-CO supports you in fine-tuning your price position, helping you to adopt the right approach and identifying the local factors that need to be taken into account.

No overseas development can be successful without a clear understanding of its forecast returns. Financial returns can vary considerably depending on the partnership arrangements you decide to put in place.

  • With its wealth of experience in this area, NEW-CO can provide you with proven methods for calculating your future return on investment.